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Mobilizing Artists, Brands, & Communities.

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Believe it or not, in the age of DIY you don't always have to

do it yourself.

One difference between small businesses and major corporations is the fact that they're small. Less manpower typically means that there's a limit on how many people you have to bounce ideas off of. MMNYC works as a two-way mirror for artists, brands, & start-ups by providing purpose-driven creative strategy, supervision, and management, based on our combined lens. This way, when you're contemplating the next best course of action for your career or business, you've got an extra set of eyes giving you the co-sign.


Let's face it. We're only as efficient as our systems, and our systems are only as efficient as us.


Like a game of chess, brands and businesses succeed best when thinking three moves ahead of their competition. Fortunately enough, our only competition is with ourselves. Using self-discovery & storytelling as a framework, MMNYC assists clients with the development of creative strategies & efficient, internal operational structures, so that things are moving seamlessly from the inside out. This way, the next time you get caught in behind the scenes footage, you're looking like a queen, instead of a pawn.


Ever get confused as to why your GPS is taking you on a longer route? Us too.


Utilizing digital technologies to dodge traffic, MMNYC has uncovered the most effective means of getting your business where it needs to go. Our signature MOVEMAPS are interactive, deadline-based roadmaps that are fully customizable to meet each clients specific needs. Developed with mobilization in mind, MOVEMAPS allow for clients to stay on track toward their goals by visualizing their trajectory in real-time, making adjustments when needed. MOVEMAPS, turning steppingstones into milestones, one move at a time.


Picture it. It's 2023 and we're all a bunch of robots looking for connection.

MMNYC understands the importance of connecting brands with their audiences. With over 8 years of experience in event production, boutique experientials, international exhibitions, and the execution of 150+ parties throughout the East Coast and beyond, it's safe to say that we know how to bring people together. From intimate showcases, creative retreats, and large-scale events, to zoom conferences, workshops, & virtual meetups, MMNYC curates immersive experiences in both the analog and digital realm. Our goal? To nourish a loving, loyal community, whose hearts don't short circuit along the way.


Your day 1's will always be the first to listen to your album. We make sure they're not the last.

We know how it feels to put immeasurable amounts of time and energy into your work, just to have it shot down by an instagram algorithm. MMNYC utilizes progressive marketing tactics that give your creations the exposure they deserve. By producing multi-format promotional rollouts & strategy-based marketing campaigns, we help brands to bring their ideas to fruition by planting seeds that stimulate widespread awareness. Your work is your brainchild; we're here to help you nurture it to maturity.




Calling all creatives.

It's time to show & not tell.


Writing lengthy emails explaining your career highlights can be tiring. A proper press kit speaks for itself. MMNYC takes all of your accomplishments, organizes them into an attractive package, and then ties it up in a bow. Artists, Photographers, Videographers, Creatives... A stunning press kit is truly the difference between you getting the gig, or not.

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Web design

Let's be honest...
No website, no trust.


MMNYC has over 7 years' experience in web design & Ecommerce development. So whether you're selling merch, products, services, or simply yourself, a custom website that exemplifies your brands truest essence is what's needed to give your community a home. We specialize in creating immersive sites that make your audience feel connected to you.


MMNYC, getting unqualified people jobs since 1989. (joking)


MMNYC offers clients professional resume copywriting & design services that showcase your unique skillsets & build your confidence during your job search. By delving deeper into your life experience, we work to illustrate your full potential on paper by focusing on what makes you different. In a time where your resume is truly 'one in a million,' we make you
'the one.'


Cold calling a potential investor without a strategy in place? Counterproductive. 

Sending a striking proposal that confidently illustrates exactly what a collaboration would look like? Money in the bag.

MMNYC takes an in-depth look at how you and your potential partners align professionally, creates a customized portfolio brandishing that alignment, and leaves the rest for the universe to decide.


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